Veľká Fatra mountain range
Veľká Fatra mountain range
Open-air museum Vlkolínec
Open-air museum Vlkolínec
Water areas
Water areas
Excellent Availability
Excellent Availability
Year-round recreation
Year-round recreation

The lakes are located in one of the numerous valleys of Veľká Fatra, directly below the historic village of Vlkolínec, registered in the UNESCO list. They are perfectly accessible from the driveway, just a few hundred meters from the main drag. The beautiful panorama of the surrounding nature is not disturbed by anything, despite its relative proximity to Ružomberok, it provides absolute peace and undisturbed relaxation.

From a natural point of view, the area of Jazierec belongs to the Demänovské Karst. The interesting features of this area are the whirlpools, dives and small lakes, which give the whole area its typical appearance and name. Thanks to its location, Jazierce offers rich opportunities for all-season recreation in the near and distant surroundings.

Kam sa vybrať v okolí

Vlkolinec 3 km
  • A unique, permanently inhabited village, registered in the UNESCO list. Interesting not only with its original wooden architecture
Ravenclaw 20 km
  • reconstructed Celtic settlement from the 1st century BC, on the hill above the Liptovská Mara reservoir
Thermal Park Bešeňová
Thermal Park Bešeňová 17 km
  • wellness & spa center with a wide selection of services
  • adjacent water park also for adrenaline activities
Liptovska Mara
Liptovska Mara 17 km
  • water reservoir with wide possibilities for swimming and water sports – windsurfing, wake/kiteboarding, jet skis
Ski resort Jasná
Ski resort Jasná 40 km
  • the largest Slovak ski resort
  • divided into 4 units, a total of approx. 31 km of pistes
  • all levels of difficulty
Malino Brdo
Malino Brdo 15 km
  • the nearby Ružomberski ski park
  • 12 km of slopes (the longest almost 4 km)
  • 2 cable cars, 5 lifts
  • artificial snowmaking
Skipark Donovaly
Skipark Donovaly 22 km
  • ski park + children's fun park
  • snb obstacles
  • total length of slopes 11.0 km
  • 16 lifts
Gatekeeper Valley
Gatekeeper Valley 40 km
  • a popular winter resort for the whole family
  • 17 km of slopes of all levels of difficulty
  • 14 lifts
  • snowboard
Demanovska cave
Demanovska cave 35 km
  • one of the most beautiful publicly accessible caves in Europe
  • total length over 8 km
  • nearby Dobšinská ice cave
Brankovský waterfall
Brankovský waterfall 2 km
  • the highest waterfall in the Low Tatras
  • national natural monument